Rainy morning… after a nice evening!

Saturday morning on Ua Pou.

Our stargazing last night went well, in spite of an overcast sky when we started to set up the telescopes. We waited for clearer skies watching a couple of presentations on astronomy, which gave the thirty students staying at school over the weekend a good overview of the world beyond the Island.

Clouds passes in waves, but we were able to watch Saturn and Mars, Omega Centauri or Alpha Crucis,…, and the wonderful view of the Milky Way over the Ua Pou mountain range.

A great evening for all, thanks to the help of Christophe, the school nurse, who is also an avid photographer and enjoyed the evening as much as the students!

Lunch will be at Hakahetau with the Amicale du Collège.

One thought on “Rainy morning… after a nice evening!

  1. Merci encore à vous 3 (Christian, Eric & Philippe) pour avoir su partager votre passion avec nous, et nous faire découvrir des images magiques et inoubliables de notre univers.
    Et un grand merci aussi, de la part des 30 élèves internes de mon collège et des autres élèves qui ont pu venir samedi soir, pour qui, cette expérience magique, restera dans leur souvenir toute leur vie.
    Koutau Nui ia kotou!
    Christophe LUBASZ COMBES

    (Thank you again to you 3 (Christian, Philippe & Eric) have been able to share your passion with us, and we discover a magical and unforgettable images of our universe. And a big thank you also, from the 30 resident students of the college and other students who were able to come Saturday night, for which this magical experience, will remain in their memories throughout their lives.)

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