Back on Tahiti

We completed our Education and Public Outreach expedition last night and came back on Tahiti today at noon.

Our work on Moorea was nicely organized by Lucette Tareo, with many contributors from Société Astronomique de Tahiti, Société des Etudes Océaniennes, Proscience, Haururu, Fafaite, and the support of Attiti’a and UC Berkeley.

Wednesday night, we enjoyed a very interesting conference on Tahitian navigation by  Jean Claude Teriierooiterai.

Thursday was busy again with more classes from the various Moorea elementary schools attending a selection of workshops among many offered in parallel (see the list here). I left the Gump station mid-morning for the Pao Pao Collège and a visit of classes who had been exposed to astronomy earlier.

I went on the air calling from Cook’s Bay and made some contacts in the late afternoon. Another very interesting conference, this time by  R. Koenig on the 1769 visit of Tahiti by Cook and Banks, brought us to a wonderful dinner shared with all those who helped with this Moorea astronomy event. I went on the air again for a couple of hours while Philippe,  Claude, and Eric (Gauducheau) showed the sky one last time to the dinner guests.

Lucette gave Philippe and me a short tour of the two bays and we caught the ferry at the last minute (actually 5mn before departure time!).

Claude drove me to Roland’s place where I spend a quiet afternoon.  Now, it is time to go to the SAT observatory to celebrate the conclusion of our expedition with all our SAT friends!

Pictures will be for later ;)


One thought on “Back on Tahiti

  1. Très heureux d’avoir pu te faire un petit coucou quand tu as pu être actif depuis la baie Cook de Moorea. Rentres bien, et au plaisir de pouvoir se recontacter par l’autre canal.

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