A full day of EPO on Hiva Oa

This will be again a short summary of the day without pictures (slow connection from we are). It is nearly 11pm here (Marquesas Tiime).

We saw all the students of the town grouped by grade from  5th grade up from all the schools.. A difficult but rewarding challenge, with groups very different from each other.

We used the lunch break for a short visit to Brel’ and Gauguin’s resting place.

The last class ended at 4:30pm. After a short break to get all the equipment and a pau hana  to celebrate the graduation of one of the vocational programs  of the Atuaona collège, we prepare a star gazing party which concluded abut after 21:30. Nice weather and many happy star-gazers!

Early departure tomorrow for Ua Pou, with hopefully a bit less work and some time to upload pictures and also activate TX5VT,

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